The Creepiest Dolls Ever: Enchanted Doll


Enchanted Doll 1

Marina Bychkova’s website Enchanted Doll is a collection of her custom-made dolls. Each ball jointed porcelain doll is unique, with costumes are made with high quality materials like 24 k gold,  Sterling Silver and precious gems. They also don’t come cheap, reaching high prices on auction.

Personally, I don’t know what to make of them, in some ways they’re quite beautiful, and I can admire the skill and labor involved in making one but… they scare me. Context has a lot to do with how we interpret things, and I would have no problem with these dolls if they were exhibited in a gallery setting and presented as a critique of our distorted ideal of beauty. But that’s not the case, while the fact that this website has a firm fan following is another unintended irony.


Enchanted Doll 1

Enchanted Doll 4

Enchanted Doll 14

Enchanted Doll 11

Enchanted Doll 13

Enchanted Doll 3

Enchanted Doll 1

Enchanted Doll 1

Enchanted Doll 8

Enchanted Doll 9

Enchanted Doll 10

Enchanted Doll 13


2 Responses to “The Creepiest Dolls Ever: Enchanted Doll”

  1. 1 Brenche

    wow – they are beautiful and mesmerizing… but i get what you mean! haha! strangely enough – I would love to own one 🙂

  2. they’re beautiful…
    but no way in hell im owning any…dolls are creepy =.=

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