Origami Inspired Christian Dior



I couldn’t resist posting these pictures from Christian Dior’s 2007 Spring/Summer Couture Collection inspired by Madame Butterfly. Here’s a link to the Vogue Catwalk Report, including close-ups of the dresses.

This collection which was both praised profusely, and harshly criticized for its all-pervading Orientalism. While the fact that it’s couture needs to be taken into consideration, I can’t help but feel that these dresses mix the sublime with the ridiculous – a classic example of taking elements from another culture without any of the spirit behind it.

The collection has none of theĀ  simplicity and restraint of traditional Japan, but the dresses are decadent and bold. It’s John Galliano doing Japan his own way, with Japan as the stage for his own fantasy ball. This is what makes it new, and what makes it interesting.

00020m 00030m

00050m 00040m

00060m 00070m

00080f 00090f

00100f 00110f

00120f 00130f

00140f 00150f

00160f 00170m

00180m 00190f

00200f 00210f

00220f 00230f

00240f 00250f

00260f 00270f

00280f 00290f

00320f 00330f

dior-couture06.png 00340f

00350f 00360f

00370f 00380f

00390f 00400f

00410f 00420f

00430f 00440f



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