Takuya Angel & The Kimono Rivival?


These beautiful images are from Takuya Angel, a relatively small fashion brand with a devoted fan following. Takuya Angel is unusual in that it combines elements of traditional Japanese and contemporary clothing. Pieces are adapted for a modern lifestyle using bright colors and unexpected materials like polyester, velvet and fur. Takuya Angel has also been influenced anime and manga, inspired by a fresh depiction of the past seen in series like Samurai Champloo.

For a while people have anticipated a revival in traditional Japanese clothing as street-wear, but despite the hype it seems like this is a trend that’s still a long way away from going mainstream, Martin Webb wrote an article on this subject for the Japan Times: Kimono Revival: In Skeptical Quest of a Boom chronicling his frustration in trying to “find” this elusive trend. So is there a trend at all?

That probably depends on who you ask. Pioneers like Mamechiyo and Jotaro Saito in the kimono world are working hard to redefine the kimono as everyday clothing, while on the other side of the fence fashion brands like Takuya Angel and Sou-Sou have started incorporating traditional elements into contemporary street-wear. While no designer seems to have been able to fully bridge this gap, these are not the people behind this trend at all. Instead it’s the increasing amount of girls chopping, changing and wearing their grandmothers’ kimonos – giving second-hand clothing another lease on life. I think this grass-level trend may just be getting started.

Pics are by Brendan Daniel from his Flikr Account, and for Askew Magazine. You can also check out Takuya Angel’s official website here.


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