Pecanpals: Wooden Designer Toys


Peacanpals is a range of wooden designer toys  by husband and wife duo Nick and Candy, who work collectively under the name Noferin. While the use of wood for designer toys is unusual, the material compliments the character’s simple organic forms and gives the toys warmth and personality. Hand crafting and the use of sustainable rubber tree wood also gives these toys a lasting value unusual in the realm of popular culture.

The first Pecanpal characters appeared on “Have a nice day!” notes that Nicho left for Candy. But as the couple drew the characters more, they became attached to them, with each character evolving to have their own distinctive personality. When the couple produced their first batch of 1000 limited edition toys, they hadn’t dared to hope for much. The toys sold out within 24 hours.

Noferin followed this success with a range of Pecanpals in natural wood, Jibibuts blindbox toys, and Pecanpals plush toys. As the Pecanpal range continues to expand the company continues their commitment to high quality, environmentally friendly toys with a lot of heart. You can’t help but love them back.

Check out their official site here.


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