Authentic Japanese Interiors by Ki Arts


KI Arts was founded in 1985 by master woodworker Hiroshi Sakaguchi and his wife Ann Gerber Sakaguchi. KI Arts creates interiors with traditional construction methods using a post and beam system held together by an intricate joinery. The result is authentic interiors, furniture and garden structures, not to mention divine cedar bathtubs.

I’ve written before about my frustration at “oriental” decor, which generally shows a lack of any deeper understanding of design principles at work in Japanese interiors. That said, the reason so many designs fall short of the real thing is just because the sublime simplicity of these interiors is a difficult thing to replicate.

For anyone who wants to living outside of Japan who wants to recreate the classical Ryokan style, rather than trying to copy these interiors on a superficial level, a better approach is to design from the floor up. While I may not be able to afford the type of craftsmanship that KI Arts provides, putting in authentic flooring, fittings and wooden cupboards is not prohibitively expensive.

KI Arts is based in Sonoma County, California, or visit them online here.


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