Hi my name is Katie Badenhorst, I’m 25 years old South African living in  Štip, Macedonia (check out my travel blog here). After matriculating I spent five years studying Fine Arts at the University of Pretoria, during which time I exhibited my work extensively and even won an award. However despite learning a lot, I went away from the art world disillusioned. Since then I’ve started creating work that makes me happy under the name Origami Cupcake, while the Origami Cupcake blog explores all the things that influence me and my work: art, design and Japan. 

Please take a look at my ditigital portfolio and curriculum vitae. You can contact me through this blog if you’re interested in me doing any freelance design.


7 Responses to “Profile”

  1. 1 Lisle

    Hi Katie- chan, it is very nice to meet you!!!
    (More, more!) And more cherry blossom too!

  2. 2 suburbanmummyuk

    Great to meet another arty person and finally one with a genuine talent! bookmarked!

  3. 3 justfitri

    hello…may i put u in my link…ups…its was! hehehe

  4. 4 sarahbee2005

    Katie, your work is really amazing. I’m realizing few people can make photography (especially that of people) an art. But you do this very well. I absolutely LOVE your site

  5. 5 nanana~

    i found your blog while looking for Yosinori Sizuma in google.
    after a very small glance, i have to say that i like the things you post here.
    i was curious to read about your profile too, and when doing so, what did i find….”… 25 years old South African living in ŠTIP???, Macedonia… surprised me so much. i come from a very little town near stip called probistip. have you heard about it. we often went to stip too. how do you like FYROM, i wouldn’t say much(or anything) positive about it. 😀 hhh. however i and my family don’t live there any more, we moved to a more northern and advanced country ^-^.
    did you learn the language?

    have a nice time and enjoy it there…^-^

    • Before coming to Macedonia I had wanted to leave South Africa for a while. South Africa is a wealthier country than Macedonia, but it has a lot of political/social problems and a huge divide between the rich and poor. Right now I think this is a better place for me to live, although I have only been here two months.
      I’m hoping to learn more of the language as I go along.

      Where are you living now? Moving to another country is difficult but I think it’s good to follow opportunities wherever they lead, I just happened to end up here.
      Thanks for the comment ^^

      • 7 nanana~

        i am satisfied that we moved out from Macedonia. i don’t like how the prime minister and all of those in the parliament are ruining the country. there are so many capitalists, people working for no money and such. from what i was able to see, there are two types of people: those who use and those who are used. many of those who are used leave the country to look for a better tomorrow, many stay there and keep struggling(because they don’t have a chance to leave, i suppose) and the rest are those who have a really nice life which is due to using the above menioned. maybe in macedonia the rich/poor division can’t be noticed because it is a poor country in general.

        i live in Slovenia now. there are many macedonians here. however since the recession stroke the world, things have been getting bad here too.

        I don’t mind moving countless times until i can reach the place i will like and will fit me. ^-^ (doesn’t it sound fine)
        Have a nice time in Macedonia!

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