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I adore this eye catching editorial “Vogue Patterns” from Vogue Italia, December 2007 by photographer¬†Steven Meisel.¬†The models featured are Lara Stone, Hanne-Gaby Odiele , Kinga, Marina and Magdalena. Advertisements

Look at the Japanese fashion trend Mori Girl and how it relates to Lolita and Hime Gyaru.

A desciption of Hime Gyaru fashion, which combines elements of Lolita and Gyaru dress.

A picture of a lolita by Mihara Mitsukazu, illustrating the Japanese Kegadol or “injured idol” fetish.

Images are from the Nippon Vogue article “Stranger in a Strange Land” in which French and Italian couture is contrasted against traditional kimonos.

A picture of Alexander McQueen’s work, saying goodbye to this fashion icon.

Nontsikelelo “Lolo” Veleko is an acclaimed fine art photographer known for her depiction of South African street style which strongly resemble Shoichi Aoki’s Fruits .