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Dual screen anime wallpaper for xxxHolic.


Coming from an academic background I’m always interested to read academic articles discussing otaku culture. Sharon Kinsella has written these articles on the subject. Sounds a bit dry? Here’s a quote from Japanese Subculture in the 1990s: Otaku and the Amateur Manga Movement: A limitless secret world of smoldering underground clubs where baby girls in […]

A picture of a lolita by Mihara Mitsukazu, illustrating the Japanese Kegadol or “injured idol” fetish.

Illustrations from Yoshinori Shizuma whose work was recently featured in the book 100 Masters of Bishojo Painting.

Pictures from The Lonesome Puppy, a children’s book by Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara.

A short description of the Japanese comic artist D[di:], known for combining different art forms in experimental works.