Noboru Iguchi gained popularity after directing the cult classic Machine Girl and is recognised as a master of kitsch Japanese gore films. However Robo Geisha holds a special place in my heart simply because it features a geisha that can transform into a tank. It also scores points for the hilarious trailer.

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Coming from an academic background I’m always interested to read academic articles discussing otaku culture. Sharon Kinsella has written these articles on the subject.

Sounds a bit dry? Here’s a quote from Japanese Subculture in the 1990s: Otaku and the Amateur Manga Movement:

A limitless secret world of smoldering underground clubs where baby girls in bikinis wield Uzi submachine guns and Russian Eskimos DJ in Elizabethan court dress. Grey catacombs of deserted rain-swept streets where beautiful women in impeccable Nazi uniforms sport unexpected erections. Nameless back streets scattered with limpid green lights of opium-soaked noodle shacks where Oxford dons chop up giant squid for hungry pairs of lusty French school boys. Such is the stuff that amateur manga is made of.”


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I’ve discussed the kimono revival before, because I always get excited when I see traditional Japanese dress being interpreted in innovative ways. And this is exactly what designer Natsuki Shigeta has done with her brand Tsukikageya. Yukata are light cotton kimono’s usually worn at festivals during the summer months, so they can be worn more casually than  most kimono which are worn only at formal occasions. It’s this freedom that Tsukikageya designer Natcuki Shigeta has exploited, creating beautiful yukata crafted using traditional method but adorned with contemporary motifs. With designs ranging from animal print, ghosts and pouting lips, and accessories in bright pink, using swarovski crystals and real snake skin, you’re sure to stand out.

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KI Arts was founded in 1985 by master woodworker Hiroshi Sakaguchi and his wife Ann Gerber Sakaguchi. KI Arts creates interiors with traditional construction methods using a post and beam system held together by an intricate joinery. The result is authentic interiors, furniture and garden structures, not to mention divine cedar bathtubs.

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I made this quirky Totoro for a GelaSkin phone cover. Enjoy!

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Marumiyan is a Japanese illustrator and designer known for his beautiful and intricate work. His portfolio is extensive, and the quality of the work so high, that I’ve had to divide it into separate posts. Last month I focussed on his beautiful landscapes, but this time I’m just showcasing some general work from his portfolio.

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Hime Gyaru is a new look gaining popularity in Tokyo. Somewhere in between the fashions of Lolita and Gyaru, Hime Gyaru (literally Princess Girls) aim to look a bit like Barbie. The cynic in me can’t help but notice that it’s taken the worst of both looks and combined them: mixing the ridiculous hair and make-up  of the Gyaru with candy-pink and huge bows taken from Lolita fashion.

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