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Andrew Putter’s photos of South African flowers arranged like Dutch still lifes.


“The Travels of Bad” is a multi-media extravaganza by South African artist Zander Blom.

Nontsikelelo “Lolo” Veleko is an acclaimed fine art photographer known for her depiction of South African street style which strongly resemble Shoichi Aoki’s Fruits .

Pictures of cupcakes from I Love Cupcake.

Pictures of Woo-men, hand-made plush toys from South Africa.

Images of South African artist Clive van den Berg’s light sculptures from his 2003 exhibition “Love’s Ballast” and the “Personal Affects” group exhibition held in New York in 2005.

An introduction to the Origami Cupcake blog which focuses on art, design and Japan, and discusses why Japanese culture is so interesting to me.