Mawaru Penguindrum is one of this season’s new anime. I enjoyed the first episode, but more than the plot I can’t help but fall in love with the show’s beautiful artwork. The quirky details make the rooms both adorable and believable.

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I’ve been following Junko Mizuno’s work ever since first being exposed to her work on Japanorama. She’s the queen of the creepy cute or “kawaii noir” and it’s earned her a legion of fans. These works are from her exhibitions at Gallery  Nucleus including her recent solo exhibition “Flora Delirium”.

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Continuing with the floral theme from the previous post we have these works by Lindsey Carr. I love the decadent mix of botanical and fairy tale imagery in her paintings.

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Andrew Putter has created these photographs by arranging South African flowers like 17th century Dutch still lifes. The works are a commentary on South African identity and how it’s been entwined with the history of colonialism, but theory isn’t necessary to enjoy these beautiful images.

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I adore this eye catching editorial “Vogue Patterns” from Vogue Italia, December 2007 by photographer Steven Meisel. The models featured are Lara Stone, Hanne-Gaby Odiele , Kinga, Marina and Magdalena.

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I’m always struggling to find wallpapers large enough for my monitor. This is one of my favorites featuring the characters from the CLAMP series xxxHolic.

Via Deep Gray Sea.

Mori Girl (lit. “Forest Girl”)  is a new Japanese fashion trend which can be described as “rustic romantic”. It’s an offshoot of Lolita fashion that’s going in the opposite direction to Hime Gyaru. So what does this mean? Well while Hime Gyaru are obsessed with makeup, Mori Girls wear little or none and usually have short nails. They eschew big brands in favor of vintage finds and they’re obsessed with solitary pursuits like reading, baking, antiquing, photography, playing a musical instrument and taking long walks. If you’re still at a loss take a look at their fashion idols Honey & Clover’s Hagu and the beautiful Aoi Yuu.

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